Southeastern Institute of Manufacturing & Technology

Imagine What The Future Of Manufacturing Can Be!

SIMT logoImagine. The ability to train employees and customers in your newest processes without interrupting operations or putting them at risk in the manufacturing environment.Imagine. Holding a full three dimensional prototype in your hand when your new idea was simply a napkin sketch 24 hours ago.
Imagine. The ability to compete with larger competitors in filling product orders – without investing thousands in new equipment and processes.
Imagine. A place where you can host a large conference or trade show with all of the latest presentation methods without traveling to a larger city.
You can make all these things happen today at the Southeastern Institute of Manufacturing and Technology (SiMT).
By utilizing the vast resources of the SiMT, you can train employees in a 3D, virtual reality environment reducing both expenses and exposure to accidents. You can bring products to market faster by employing the largest 3D printing capabilities in the Southeast. You can meet customer orders for parts and assemblies that exceed your normal capacities by outsourcing to our state-of-the-art machining center. And, you can host a convention or user meeting in our conference center and theater.
Yes! You can make all these things happen at the SiMT, located on a 146-acre campus in Florence, South Carolina.
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