2023 Top 10 National Sports Stories of the Year


HM:   (Just for me)… Molly Holly elected to WWE HOF … Had a huge crush!!

HM:   Denver Nuggets win franchises first NBA title behind MVP “The Joker” Nikola Jokic

HM:   Shohei Otani strikes out teammate Mike Trout to end WBC… Oh yeah, then signs for $700M

HM:   Tom Brady finally keeps his word and retires from the NFL… Options still open!?!

HM:   Kevin Harvick retires from driving to take a seat in FOX’s NASCAR Broadcast booth.

HM:   Alabama baseball coach starts a national gabling scandal by phoning a friend in Iowa to place a $100K bet against his own team, because his starting pitcher was hurt??

HM:   Coach Prime & Pitino take new Head Coach jobs & tell ALL the players to take a hike.

HM:   Euros ride a title wave that washes away USA 16½ to 11½ to take back the Ryder Cup.

HM:   Year of Kim Mulky: National Champ Year 2 @ LSU, 10yr $32M contract & Angel Reese?

HM:   Dick Vitale is doing very well after 3rd Cancer diagnosis, this time on his Vocal Chords.

Favorite Non-Sports Story of the Year: Lunch lady in pilfered $1.5M worth of Chicken Wings from Middle School in Chicago… Such a great example of Windy City politics at work!

HHM: Texas fires Chris Beard even after fiancé recanted her story, but Ole Miss jumped to hire him.

HHM: Jimmy Johnson’s Mother-in-law kills several family members, even a child, then herself.

HHM: Vince McMahon regains control of the WWE, then sells it to Endeavor/UFC.

HHM: Chase Elliott misses playoffs because of snow-mobile accident, but he’s still most popular!

HHM: Mel Tucker (at least for now), is out $75M over phone sex with a gold digger… bum luck!

HHM: NIL has gotten so out of hand, even recruits are asking for money just to visit your school?

HHM: Application fee to move from FCS to FCS, just jumped from $5K to $5M… Come on in!

HHM: Jim Boeheim finally forced to leave, whether by retire or fire, his last game was in G’boro!

HHM: Bob Huggins’s multiple scandals (the name calling on Willie Cunningham’s Radio Show, then the ugly DUI in Pittsburgh), ultimately cost him his job, like Boeheim either by retire or fire.

HHM: Georgia Bulldogs win B2B FB National Championships in Jan, then get hosed in Dec!

10:   Jimmie Johnson returns to Cup racing & takes over Petty, changes to LMC?

9:     NCAA appoints New Pres. Charlie Baker & he says “just start paying’em!”

8:     NCAA Final 4 has surprise teams SD State & FAU (‘cause they earned it!)

7:     PGA agrees to a secret deal with Saudi PIF to merge with LIV? (gov’ment?)

6:     Harbaugh suspended twice (Burgers/Spying), still gets Michigan to CFP?

5:     Overall #1 Purdue beat in 1st Rd by team that wasn’t supposed to be there

4:     Bill Self found guilty of multiple violations, Kansas gives him lifetime contract

3:     ESPN purges over 7K employees, including Suzy Kolber, to cut budget, but two weeks later gives Pat McAfee a $17M a year multi-year contract

2:     PAC-12 (Conference of Champions), totally collapses with the loss of 6 more schools. Leaving only Washington State & Oregon State.

1:     CFP Committee completely ruins the integrity of CFB, by ignoring an undefeated Power 5 Conference Champion. “Why even play the games!”


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