2023 Top 10 Regional Sports Stories of the Year


HM:   Dabo fires an assistant he hired for the first time (Brandon Streeter), with mixed results.

HM:   Alabama Fr. F Darius Miles implicated in murder of a former teammate’s girlfriend.

HM:   Georgia Tech fires Josh Pastner, hires Damn Stoudemire… Good Luck with that!

HM:   Mark Kingston gets a contract extension through ’27, over much objection.

HM:   Ryan Blaney wins his first NASCAR Championship at any level… Won Pass Late Model title.

HM:   Barclay Radebaugh resigned effective immediately last month after 19 years at Chas Southern.

HM:   Denny Hamlin signs new multi-year deal with JGR, rather than his own team under 23XI?

HM:   FU All-the-time won its first SoCon FB title since ’80, beating UTC, but lost to rival Wofford?

HM:   Jordan Burch announced we was off to Oregon, but changed his mind, then Beamer said sorry!

HM:   NC State WXC won it’s third straight National Title… hey, take’em where you can get’em!

* Good News: Clemson’s Barrett Carter & G’Cock Tonka Hemingway have both already announced they are returning to school next year. I am not including any transfers out on this list (well one), because its just not news anymore…

HHM: Clemson wins it’s 4th Men’s Soccer National Championship over nemesis ND 2-1.

HHM: Ja Morant’s several run-ins and suspensions over the year, guns, threatening, NBA Violations

HHM: Clemson / Carolina / Coastal all hosted NCAA Baseball Regionals, for a state this small?

HHM: Noah Gragson fired by LMC for “liking” a tweet(?), but hired by SHR to pilot #10 Ford.

HHM: Buddy Pough retires from SC State, they hire Chennis Berry who got Benedict to #1 overall.

HHM: Merl Code is suing adidas for making him the fall guy, he should add a few other defendants.

HHM: SCHSL Realignment proposal for 6 State Champs in SC with 220 schools is ABSURD!

HHM: Developers in NC repaved “The Rock” and $10M more is expected to get NASCAR back!

HHM: Jimbo Fisher was forced out after 3yrs & fools with more $ than sense are giving him $76M?

HHM: Jack Leggett is back with the Clemson baseball program and they retired his #7 jersey!

 10:   “Voice of the Wolfpack” Gary Hahn announces retirement after 33 years!!!

9:     “Tyler from Sp’burg” became a national celebrity after gaslighting Dabo!?

8:     Frank Reich (Duce Staley) hired & fired this year. 6th for douchebag Tepper!

7:     Cheaters miss NCAAT after playing for natty last year, refused NIT, lol…

6:     GG Jackson says he can’t “betray” a 2nd school by entering portal, so off NBA

5:     Spencer Rattler returns to USC for a reported $1.5M & Dick Dyer Mercedes!

4:     North Wilkesboro Speedway hosts NASCAR Cup race for first time in 27yrs!

3:     Clemson wins lackluster Palmetto Bowl over G’Cocks without offensive TD?

2:     SCHSL reacts to 24 of 27 State Titles stolen by private schools by implementing a multiplier? Schools in Region 6-2A refuse to play Gray!

1:     ACC Expansion/Rumors of Schools leaving/Magnificent 7/FSU President recommending they leave?/What ever happened to Sapakoff/Williams story that they had sources saying its done, even though Hood refuted that?/Not to mention NC State wussing out and rolling over to let West Coast & SMU in??


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